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Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn

There are always new cleaning methods that can either help or hinder your cleaning needs. One method we utilize is quickly becoming popular among our customers. This new method of carpet cleaning involves using cleaning agents without water or excess liquids. This decreases the time that it takes to wash the carpet by reducing the drying time and additionally reducing the risks on the carpet itself. This process is appropriate for those customers with delicate, antique or expensive area rugs that are being damaged from standard cleaning methods.

Mattress Cleaning Brooklyn

Need your mattresses cleaned? We use a variety of methods to get this accomplished. For starters, dirt particles are loosened by making usage of high frequency sound waves, this can free them from your mattress fibers. From there, we use a specially strong vacuum that traps almost anything it gathers up.

After that, an all-natural organic disinfectant is used to clean the mattress. Anything living or bacterial in the mattress is subsequently eliminated. Next, a mattress spray is used to repel insects and eliminate more bacteria inside the mattress.

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